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Data-at-Rest Solutions (DAR)


NSA-validated DAR solutions for mobile devices, desktops, and servers

Ortman Consulting  provides sales and support of end-to-end NSA-validated data-at-rest (DAR)  solutions for mobile devices, desktops, and servers. We focus on safeguarding  sensitive information and ensuring compliance with government regulations. Our team of experts offers robust encryption and data protection solutions to   keep your critical data secure, whether stored on mobile devices, desktops, or servers. We collaborate with you to identify the best DAR solution for your organization.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Unauthorized access to sensitive data 

  • Data leakage or loss due to device theft or compromise 

  • Compliance with government data protection regulations 

  • Ensuring data integrity and confidentiality

  • Secure data storage and retrieval across multiple platforms and devices

Our Solutions

For a national security agency, Ortman Consulting implemented an NSA-validated DAR solution that encrypted sensitive data on mobile devices, desktops, and servers. This solution provided strong protection against unauthorized access and data leaks, ensuring the agency's critical information remained secure and compliant with government regulations.

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