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CipherDriveOne - Unparalleled Data Security for Government and Military

Premium Full-Disk Encryption Software Solutions

Ortman Consulting proudly offers CipherDriveOne™ and CipherDriveOne Plus, cutting-edge encryption software solutions created by KLC Group. As an authorized 8(a), SDVOSB reseller, we bring you the first Authorization Acquisition (AA) host encryption software solutions that fulfill NSA Data-at-Rest (DAR) and NIAP collaborative Protection Profiles (cPPs) requirements for full disk encryption.

Key Features

Robust Disk Protection

Our offered software secures the entire hard drive instead of just individual files, necessitating NSA-grade encryption keys to be unlocked by an authorized account for accessing the operating system, virtual machines, or any files on the protected disk.

Military-Grade Encryption

Developed by KLC Group, CipherDriveOne™ and CipherDriveOne Plus employ AES-256 encryption, complying with FIPS PUB 197 specifications, and hold NIAP and Common Criteria FED certification.

Multi-User Configuration

Facilitates multiple users to unlock drives on a single computing device.

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