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Cybersecurity & Regulatory Compliance


Protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with complex regulations

Ortman Consulting offers robust cybersecurity solutions focused on protecting sensitive government data and operations. Our team helps you navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring the safety of your data, the integrity of your operations, and compliance with applicable standards. We incorporate innovative approaches to maintain a strong security posture and continuously adapt to the evolving threat landscape. Our comprehensive cybersecurity services are tailored to meet the unique needs of government customers, safeguarding your organization's digital assets and reputation.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Risk of data breaches and leaks 

  • Compliance with government regulations

  • Ensuring data integrity and confidentiality

  • Adapting to evolving cyber threats

  • Maintaining a strong security posture

Our Solutions

Ortman Consulting performed a comprehensive security assessment for a government client’s data center, identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats. We implemented robust cybersecurity measures, including advanced threat detection and response systems, and provided guidance on achieving regulatory compliance, resulting in enhanced data protection and a strengthened security posture.

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