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Cross-Domain Security


Secure collaboration and communication across different security levels and domains

Ortman Consulting  integrates and operates US government-approve d cross-domain and multi-domain  access and transfer solutions, enabling secure collaboration and  communication across different security levels and domains. We ensure that sensitive information is protected while promoting efficient communication and collaboration between departments and agencies. Our solutions maintain the   highest level of security and compliance, helping your organization to   navigate the complex landscape of information sharing in a secure manner.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Inefficient collaboration between security levels 

  • Risk of data leakage

  • Incompatibility between different domains

  • Limited access to critical information

  • Compliance with government security standards

Our Solutions

Ortman Consulting implemented a government-approved cross-domain solution for several large federal agencies, enabling secure communication between different security levels and domains. Our solution facilitated efficient collaboration between departments while ensuring sensitive data remained protected, streamlining workflows and promoting information sharing across the organization.

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