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Ortman Consulting LLC Wins Significant Air Force Research Lab Contract

Ortman Consulting LLC is proud to announce our recent prime contract win with the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY. The contract, aptly named "SEEIT", System Engineering and Information Technology, spans four years, commenced at the end of September 2023.

Under SEEIT, our dedicated team will provide an extensive array of Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Advisory services (SETA), primarily catering to the cross-domain program offices. These 8(a) sole sources prime contract represents a significant milestone for Ortman Consulting. Not only is this the most substantial prime contract we've secured to date, but it also offers a unique opportunity to deepen our relationship with the Air Force and showcase our proficiency in managing and executing large-scale projects.

From Owner Steve Ortman - "This is a monumental step for Ortman Consulting. After over a decade of dedicated, high quality subcontracting work for AFRL, we are enthusiastic about breaking new ground as a prime contractor."

Furthermore, with a budget ceiling of $4.5 million, the SEEIT contract will be able to staff and support multiple cross-domain program areas. Ortman Consulting's current position as an 8(a) certified business enhances our eligibility for more contracts of this magnitude, both within AFRL and in other federal government offices. The SEEIT contract serves as a starting point, highlighting our readiness and eagerness to undertake more prime contracts of similar scope and size

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