N1 – Disposable Portable OS with Smart Card Reader

N1 – Disposable Portable OS with Smart Card Reader

The N1 fits in your pocket, yet provides easy secure access to corporate computing services on the go.

We developed the N1 with one thing in mind.  Security.

Using the Lightweight Portable Security Operating System (LPS), we developed a pocket-sized USB drive with an integrate smart card reader.  With the N1, access their corporate computing domain including files,email and other data, and be assured that zero trace is left behind on the host computer.  Integrating the smart card reader enables additional convenience for signing in, encrypting emails and files and authenticating into web services.

Leveraging LPS allows the N1 to take full advantage of a host computer’s network, monitor, peripherals and memory, while blocking any access to the host computer hard drive.  Rebooting the host computer after using the N1 results in zero trace of any activity having been done earlier on the client.



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