Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization involves managing the desktop as a cloud based resource.  Virtualizing the desktop offers the promise of providing a more agile, secure, and lower cost method of delivering desktops to large and small organizations alike.  However, this field of IT technology is still maturing and expectation management is critical.

The technologies and options available today for organizations to pursue desktop virtualization are in a state of rapid change and new solutions are appearing every day.  Many software vendors sense a “gold rush” when it comes to providing software and solutions that support desktop virtualization and, as always, the motto of IT managers should be “buyer beware”.

Ortman Consulting has first-hand experience developing desktop virtualization strategies for government organizations.  Our approach is simple, but hard to duplicate.  We perform a baseline analysis of the current desktop technologies currently in use and determine the mid and long term technology strategy for the organization, based on technology roadmaps and mission objectives.  Using our exclusive access to a variety of desktop virtualization technologies, we help identify a desired end-state and work hand-in-hand with our customers to determine an optimal migration path.

Services offered for desktop virtualization also include:

  • Detailed business case analysis of virtualization options
  • Standing up pilot desktop virtualization environments – either off or on-site – to demonstrate and help refine capability requirements
  • Training and overview presentations on the state of virtualization for desktops to help management and front-line IT engineers get a clearer picture of options and opportunities
  • Assessment of current desktop virtualization efforts – including evaluating designs, conducting risk assessments, and assisting in deployment and operational critical project recovery

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